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Integration stream B (of project B) was created by seeding from baseline A_2.5 of integration A of project A).
After parallel development in both the streams the current recommended baseline of A is A_3.2 and B is B_1.5.


  • What happens if B tries to rebase from A_3.2?
  • What happens if B tried to deliver to A?
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  • B tries to rebase from A_3.2

That will trigger a merge between B LATEST content and A_3.2 baseline content.

  • B tried to deliver to A

It is a merge from every new versions created on B since A_2.5 (which is B's baseline) and A LATEST content.
Obviously, is the deliver takes place after the aforementioned rebase, the delta to merge which be much smaller, and the deliver will be shorter and quicker.

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