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How to run the SQL Server 2008 Express edition, when I go to start menu, the SQL Server 2008 R2 Configuration tools there is only one option SQL Server installation center.

When I open it there I cannot find any option how to run it, there is no option like configuration manager in configuration tools.

Did I miss something during installation, if it is so how can I get the configuration manager? :(

I have installed Visual Studio 2010, I cannot figure this thing out how to run to server, also I am new in this field Please somebody help me at this..

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You have not selected management studio while installation

enter image description here

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If you're absolutely brand new, a lot of the documentation will be overwhelming, but it's too broad a question to answer here fully. There are just too many variables - Did you get the Management Studio Express, for example? What are you trying to do, etc?

However, there is a nice video here that may be a good starting point for you:

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