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Database edition seems appealing but does anyone have any experience with it and how effective it is and how easy to manage? Does it work well for you in terms of source control of schemas, sql procs, concurrently?

Is it worth it?

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I use the database edition, actually when Dev and DB were seperate its the one I purchased to do all my web development in.

I use it for the source control integration, and for the data & schema compare functions (Redgate also has a great toolset for SQL Compares). I don't use it to deploy or build changes to my database I handle this in my own way by creating a change script, and then running that script; however, the change script is generated by VS for the schema changes. They have a GDR release which adds a lot of neat capabilities for deploying that I'll be looking at soon.

If your going to get Visual Studio Team Developer edition, you already get the database edition you just need to install it. They are seperate installs at this point. As such is it worth it? Well yes it is you already own it if you have VS2005 or VS2008 Team Suite or Team Developer Editions.

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thanks! did not know about developer edition having database schema and source control. –  CoffeeAddict Apr 15 '09 at 19:11

Database Edition now comes with Developer Edition, and vice versa.

Also, for accuracy's sake, these are Visual Studio Team System Developer Edition and Visual Studio Team System Database Edition. They are both independent of Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS).

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what's the independence? I just install with the CD and assume they're the same engine and I coin it all as "TFS". So what's the fundamental diff here between "Visual Studio Team System" and "Team Foundation Server"? Just process and tools? –  CoffeeAddict Apr 15 '09 at 18:04
Team Foundation Server is the source control, build, etc. The other Team System components can use any source control or build system. TFS is a server product. The other Team System bits run on a developer's workstation. –  John Saunders Apr 15 '09 at 19:51

I've tried severval old versions of Database Edition, and it kept bugging out on our database (big time-- even the error messages contained garbled text.) Haven't tried the latest one (the GDR release) but planning to.

If it works, it's definitely worth it. But make sure it is compatible with your database design before you buy it!

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