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I have a tree view menu in ruby. I am expanding the tree and it works well. On refreshing the page it collapsesand my expansion is not seen. Please let me know if there is a way to rember the state of the tree view.

my view code:

  = link_to "Expand", "#", :class => "all_action_expand"
  = "/"
  = link_to "Collapse", "#", :class => "all_action_collapse"
  = link_to "Check", "#", :class => "check_all"
  = "/"
  = link_to "Uncheck", "#", :class => "uncheck_all"

- Ic.make_tree(@ics).values.each do |root|
  %tr{:id => root.tree_id, :class => "root"}
    %td= root.root_name
    - if show_check_boxes
      %td= check_box_tag "ic_glob", root.tree_id, false, :class => "ic_parent"
  - root.suites.each do |suite|
    %tr{:id => suite.tree_id, :class => "child-of-#{root.tree_id}"}
      %td= suite.suite_name
      - if show_check_boxes
        %td= check_box_tag "ic_glob", suite.tree_id, false, :class => "ic_parent"
    - suite.children.each do |case_item|
      %tr{:id => case_item.tree_id, :class => "child-of-#{suite.tree_id}"}
        %td= case_item.case_name
        - if show_check_boxes
          %td= check_box_tag "ic_glob", case_item.tree_id, false, :class => "ic_parent"
      - case_item.children.each do |ic|
        %tr{:id => ic.id, :class => "child-of-#{case_item.tree_id}"}
          %td= link_to ic.name, edit_ic_path(ic.id)
          - if show_check_boxes
            %td= check_box_tag "ic_ids[]", ic.id, false
  /Execute the tree table javascript (hackish)
  = javascript_tag "$('.treeTable').treeTable({persist:true})"
  / Need some Ic javascript to (cascading selects, etc.)
  = javascript_include_tag "pages/ic"
  = javascript_include_tag "jquery.cookie"
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You can use a cookie to store the actual state of your tree. When you reload the page, read the cookie and restore the expansion.


You need the jquery-cookie plugin, then use the persist parameter to restore the tree expansions after reload automagically:

  persist: true
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Could you please give me a link or example for this. –  ramya Nov 29 '11 at 6:32
@ramaya This depends very much on your implementation. As you did not give any additional information about techniques you used it is hard to give advice. Some ideas: every time you change the state (expand/collaps) save this to a cookie, what parts of your tree are expanded. When you reload your page take this cookie and use it to re-expand all parts of your tree that were expanded before. –  arnep Nov 29 '11 at 8:38
yes this is what exactly i need.Can u help with the plugin required for this. –  ramya Nov 29 '11 at 9:03
@ramya I do not know any plugin for this, sorry. But if you add some code or examples to your question I might help. –  arnep Nov 29 '11 at 9:07
Hi I have downloaded the jquery.cookie.js and I am trying to use this in my jquery.treeTable.js file.I have modified the question with the code.Please help me out if modifications are required. –  ramya Nov 30 '11 at 9:21

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