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I have to create a reports that will contain:

  • lots of text
  • tables
  • graphs with colored bars, lines drawn by program, circles
  • images

With these reports I need to:

  • display them on screen in the report window (WPF, .NET 4, MVVM)
  • print them on printer
  • export to PDF
  • export to Word document file
  • have a graphic designer where user can rearrange order of items in the report - so single template for whole document is out

Could you recommend me which reporting libraries to print those or help with it?

What do you think about FlowDocument and Paginator for displaying on screen and printing on printer? I hope that I could use XAML for defining report section templates. Which to use for printing to PDF / Word so the output looks as the preview? I was looking on "Visual Studio Tools for Office" and "Open XML SDK 2.0 for Microsoft Office" and I think that OpenXML looks better. And how about iTextSharp for PDF output?

So far I have found these topics, but as they are quite old something could change. Also they don't answer all my questions:

On project we're using WPF, .NET 4, VS2010, MVVM for all GUI, Telerik controls

=== edit on 2012 - 04 - 16 ===

I have used solution to generate whole report as a .net "FlowDocument" class. Pros:

  • FlowDocument supports various fonts, images, grids, grids overlayed by vector drawings, etc.
  • can be serialized to string, and that I used to transport it through the network easily and compatible.
  • can be displayed in WPF window in the ScrollViewer
  • can be printed on printer with XpsDocumentWriter and can be paginated with custom DocumentPaginator, also tables can be split to pages this way
  • can be rendered to image


  • If you want to serialize you can't use some of special elements like edit boxes, buttons etc. But those are not really necessary for a report in a document
  • You also can't serialize FlowDocument containing images, so you have to keep those aside and fill them in after deserializing

For exporting to PDF we used one of controlable PDF printers, we chose NovaPDF (size of pdf, control, price). Although we have some problem to make it print in the IIS environment. For export to Word we are using rendering to images right now, but in future we could change that.

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