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When I' m trying to connect Sftp from my joomla site its not connecting:

    $c = ftp_connect('ftp.xyz.com')     or die("Can't connect");
    ftp_login($c, 'username' , 'pwd')     or die("Can't login");

in this case msg showing Can't connect

I also tried this code

  $connection = ssh2_connect('ftp.xyz.com', 22);
  if (!$connection) die('Connection failed');

in this case no error msg showing

Please help me, if there is a proper solution help me please.


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Have you installed libssh & PECL ssh2 module? –  Stoosh Sep 24 '11 at 12:10

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ftp_connect() uses FTP, not SFTP. They're very different. So if your host is providing only SFTP, then no, that function won't work! SFTP is explained in more detail here:


ssh2_connect() is the right connection method to use, which is why it's probably working. You can see all the SSH2 functions available in PHP here:


You'll probably be most interested in ssh2_scp_recv() and ssh2_scp_send() (for getting and sending files).

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