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I want my application to have an auto form-positioning behaviour, similar to the WinAmp MP3 player. I'd like windows to stick to each other, so that if you move one window the other windows follow the movement. How can I do that?

I tried something like this.

if (this.Size.Width + this.Location.X >= 1270)
    this.Location = new Point(1280 - this.Width, this.Location.Y); } //right x

if (this.Size.Height + this.Location.Y >= 750)
    this.Location = new Point(this.Location.X, 760 - this.Width); } // bottom y

if (this.Location.X <= 5)
    this.Location = new Point(0, this.Location.Y); } //left x

if (this.Location.Y <= 5)
    this.Location = new Point(this.Location.X, 0); } // top y
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What were the results of your attempt? In what event did you place the above code? – Grant Winney Sep 23 '11 at 14:33
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May be using StartPosition property: FormStartPosition Enumeration

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