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I need to display button in the middle of the dialog that uses FormLayout

However when I'm adding button to such dialog, it added near standard dialog buttons (OK/Cancel etc.). I do not need to add buton there, I do need to add button in the body of the dialog?

I guess my problem is similar to this one

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AdapterField should be used to adapt Button

from :

FormLayout in Ext-Gwt (GXT) When using a FormLayout/FormPanel you need to be aware of some specific properties for a Form Layout.

  1. On a FormLayout only widgets that extend Field are displayed. If you want to display a widget that does not extend Field, you first have to wrap it in AdapterField.

  2. When I used a FormPanel it had a border around the form even when setting .setFrame(false) and .setBorders(false) .

This is not a bug, you also need to set .setBodyBorder(false) to see no borders around a form.

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