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I am looping over an object and trying to add an onclick event for each button that corresponds to each item in the object.

for id of obj
    button = $("#my_button"+ id)>  console.log id) 

With this loop, every button logs the last id of the loop. How do I get each button to log the proper corresponding id?

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It's a classic JavaScript problem. The standard solution is to wrap each loop iteration in an anonymous function, and pass id in to that function; that way, the function you're passing to click will see that particular id instance.

CoffeeScript provides a nice syntax for this purpose: do (id) -> ... compiles to (function(id){ ... })(id). So, for your example, you'd write

for id of obj
  do (id) ->
    button = $("#my_button"+ id)>  console.log id)

I talk about do in my article A CoffeeScript Intervention.

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Gosh, i never knew that, i was doing it all wrong! – user1323136 Feb 21 '14 at 8:05

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