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I have just started using ShareThis Widget to help handle social media integration with one of our sites. While the functionality is great, I feel I lose a lot of the capabilities I have if I were to code each item by hand, such as the ability to control the size of the windows opened by clicking a 'share' functionality.

While their site shows basic functions you can add to the buttons (url, etc) I am looking to customize the feel such that when a button is clicked, I can control the size of that window or even possibly open in an existing colorbox snippet.

Has anybody had luck with this before? When I try to control via javascript function it just seems to get overwritten or ignored.

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I am not sure if your question is resolved, but you will need to add as following inside JS.

popup: 'true'

The same is on their Support Page

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thanks. their source has since been updated from 9/2011. We no longer use the software but good information for future visitors – JM4 Apr 4 '13 at 23:23

You'd need to unbind their events and handle them all yourself. It probably isn't a good idea, as your code will be at the mercy of their implementation.

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