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Sorry if this seems like an easy question, I'm quite new to C# so I'm a bit clueless on the easiest way to do this.

Our company needed a very simple Time and Attendance tracking software, and all the ones online seemed too expensive or have too many features that we will never need, so I decided to write my own. Pretty much, it will be a simple Windows Form App with a drop down menu with the names of employes, 2 check boxes, one for "Clock In" and one for Clock Out" and a Date/Time picker. I just want them to choose their name, check one of the boxes and hit the "Clock In/Out" button. From there, I'd want their name (variable in the drop down menu), which box they checked (In or Out) and the Date/Time from the picker to export into an excel spreadsheet or a Access Database file.

Is there a simple way to gather this data and export it, and is there an easy way to sort this data by week?

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If it is small and simple with not much security, as is suggested by your choice of Excel or Access, is c# necessary? You could do all this is Access with very little VBA indeed. If c# is essential, seach SO using the ms-access and c# tags. –  Fionnuala Sep 23 '11 at 16:39
Because I need this application to sit on the desktop of our employees so they can clock in and clock out every morning. So I kind of need the Windows application to send the data over to an access database. –  AgainstClint Sep 26 '11 at 14:53

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