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I am new on unity and iphone game development. I have been instructed to make a game for iphone. After alot of research and google I am now thinking to use Unity3d game engine as it compiles code for almost every device plus no extensive coding.

What do you people suggest am I planning right ? Is there any issues playing unity game on Iphone ? Would I need to modify it in Xcode also ?

Pls suggest me abt it. Thnx

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I have worked with Unity3d, but not for iPhone, but Unity seems to be the right direction because of its simplicity and sheer quality of the engine. Unity3d is great for beginners as well as for low-medium budget game projects. Highly recommended.

By the way this question doesn't belong here, use GameDev SE for non-programming game development issues.

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you are basically gonna need knowledge of c# and javascript to work with the unity engine and also knowledge of the unity API

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