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How to compile and run xv6 on windows?

We are being taught xv6 in our course. Currently we use to login to linux server of our school using putty in windows.

There we make changes in source of xv6 (using vim), then compile and run it in qemu simply

make clean
make qemu-nox

It is not always possible to connect to their servers therefore I want to be able to compile and run xv6 withing windows (in some emulator obviously).

What emulator I can use for above kind work? (edit code, compile and run) and how?

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You should be able to build the xv6 system using cygwin from www.cygwin.org; make sure you install gcc, make and a decent editor (emacs or vim or just use a regular windows editor like notepad++). After that, you can run the resulting image with one of the qemu ports for windows; I found Qemu Manager to be quite easy to use (http://www.davereyn.co.uk/download.htm). You will have to modify the Makefile to point to the proper qemu location.

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