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I am trying to upgrade a old script to blender 2.5 (python 3.2), the problem is that i didnt write the source script, so I dont know what this block of code means. Can someone tell me how could I write that in python 3.2?

 # so we keep the vert groups
    #3.2 support (prior ob.getData(mesh=1)) => what does mesh=1 mean?
    orig_mesh = ob.data 
    if len(ob.vertex_groups) > 0: 
        #3.2 support (prior orig_mesh.getVertGroupNames(): )
        # If new mesh has no vgroups we can try add if verts are teh same
        #3.2 support (prior not me.getVertGroupNames(): 
        # vgroups were not kept by the modifier)
        if len(me.vertex_groups) == 0:
            #3.2 support (prior len(me.verts) == len(orig_mesh.verts):)
            if len(me.vertices) == len(temp_obj22.vertices): 
                groupNames, vWeightDict = BPyMesh.meshWeight2Dict(orig_mesh)
                BPyMesh.dict2MeshWeight(me, groupNames, vWeightDict)

I searched the docs, but I couldnt find any function similiar to "object.link()". Also, the BPyMesh object does not exsist, how can I still keep the function this block has?

Thanks for taking your time, Alex

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First, it would be interesting to know which object type you are dealing with. ob? me? –  gecco Sep 26 '11 at 6:14
ob is an object from bpy.context.scene.objects, and me is the mesh created from the ob with ob.to_mesh(bpy.scene, False, 'RENDER') –  alex Sep 26 '11 at 18:28

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