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I have these 3 functions

function r = RingRead(n,p)
    r=( p * RingReadggg(n-1,p))+( (1-p)* RingReadggb(n-1,p));

function r = RingReadggb(n , p)
    if n <= 1
        r = 0;
        r = ((1-p)* RingReadggb(n-1,p) )+ p^2 +( p(1-p)* RingReadggb(n-2,p));

function r = RingReadggg(n , p)
    if n == 1
        r = p;
        r = (p+p(1-p)+( (1-p)^2 * RingReadggb(n-2,p)));

Below given program uses above given functions.

for p = 0.50:0.05:1
    r =  RingRead(4,p);
    hold on       

When i run this it gives error

??? Subscript indices must either be real positive integers or logicals.

Error in ==> RingRead>RingReadggg at 18 r = (p+p(1-p)+( (1-p)^2 * RingReadggb(n-2,p)));

Error in ==> RingRead at 3 r=( p * RingReadggg(n-1,p))+( (1-p)* RingReadggb(n-1,p));

Error in ==> RingAvailability at 2 r = RingRead(4,p);

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please give us some context and describe what you are trying to do with your functions. "Here code, you fix" are not exactly good questions... –  Amro Sep 23 '11 at 21:11
Also see this question for the generic solution to this problem. –  Dennis Jaheruddin Nov 27 '13 at 15:44

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Your code crashes right here:

r = (p+p(1-p)+( (1-p)^2 * RingReadggb(n-2,p)))

n is 3 and p is 0.5

but what is


supposed to be? do you mean p * (1-p) ?

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As the message says, the error occurs on this line:

r = (p+p(1-p)+( (1-p)^2 * RingReadggb(n-2,p)));

By p(1-p), do you really mean p * (1-p)? Entered as p(1-p) is interpreted as indexing into p at the index 1-p. Try changing the line to:

r = (p+p*(1-p)+( (1-p)^2 * RingReadggb(n-2,p)));

It looks like you have the same issue in RingReadggb as well.

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