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I'm trying to connect to my University's OAuth system. Unfortunately it returns a 401 error:

This request requires HTTP authentication ().

I have replaced the actual values for the keys etc below for hopefully obvious security reasons!

try {
    $oauth = new OAuth('key','secret',OAUTH_SIG_METHOD_HMACSHA1,OAUTH_AUTH_TYPE_URI);
    echo 'test ~';  
    echo 'test ~';
    $oauth->fetch("".$target."%2Fresources", null, OAUTH_HTTP_METHOD_GET, array('Connection'=>'close'));
    echo 'test'.$oauth->debugInfo.'test';
    echo 'test ~'.$oauth->getLastResponse();
    echo '</pre><hr/>';
} catch(OAuthException $E) {
echo "Exception caught!\n";
echo "Response: ". $E->lastResponse . "\n";

I can confirm that I definitely have the permissions to view this page with my account and therefore all the keys, secrets etc are allowed and with the right permissions (as shown in the Authorised Tokens area of the University's intranet).

Any help here would be greatly appreciated!

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The issue turned out to be that we were not able to have more than one scope at one time, though this was an issue with the University's set up, rather than on our end. Doubt this will help anyone else but when debugging try requesting a token with just one scope, rather than multiple scopes.

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