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I am trying to embed a LaTeX variable into some reStructuredText. I know about the ".. raw::" directive, but I want this to be embedded in a paragraph of text. Specifically, I am looking to replicate the \numquestions\ and \numpoints\ variables from the template exam document. I have tried using :raw:\numquestions\, but this does not seem to be valid. Is there any way of doing this?

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Use the raw role (the inline equivalent of the raw directive). See these references:

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You first have to define your own latex role, which allows you then to embed LaTex directly into paragraphs:

.. role:: latex(raw)
   :format: latex

Now, you can write things like :latex:`\\textsc{NoTex}` directly embedded in paragraphs. You can find an example of this in the browser based text editor NoTex with support for reStructuredText and PDF, LaTex & HTML export options.

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