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  • Clean install of Windows XP SP3
  • Install Python 2.7.2
  • Extract Botan 1.10.1 to the desktop
  • Run --cc=msvc --disable-shared --gen-amalgamation
  • Copy botan_all.h and botan_all.cpp to my dev workstation
  • Make a new project Win32 console project in VS2008

This gives me 102 errors ... anyone using this library?

#include "botan_all.h"
int main(int argc, char *argv[])  
    return 0;
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The problem is your project is a windows application and includes windows.h, windows.h includes macros for min and max.

The solution is to define #define NOMINMAX You can do through the project's property pages > C/C++ > Preprocessor > Preprocessor definitions

Also, add #define BOTAN_DLL in botan_all.h to avoid error at least in version 1.10.1

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Thank you for your help. I skipped using Botan and went with a CryptoAPI/OpenSSL class. I can't really verify your answer so I just accept it. – pcunite Nov 5 '11 at 13:47
I am running into the same problem (102 errors, too - at least...) an I have set it to not include any other header.It's certainly not min/max (though this was my first guess, too, and the first error, curiously, is at a std::min - just not the first occurence thereof) – peterchen Jan 7 at 13:27
What helped for me was adding using std::min; using std::max on botan_all.cpp right after the includes, and replacing all std::min, std::max with min, max – peterchen Jan 7 at 13:36

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