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Ok, I have been searching all over the web with this question, but couldn't find exact answer.

I have an app with Availability Date set to, for example, one month in the future. The app got "Ready for sale". What will happen (to be precise, will it appear in New Releases), if I will:

  1. set Availability Date to todays date
  2. set Availability Date to the date two weeks in the future (that's what I need to do)
  3. just leave everything as it is.

Apple doesn't seem to be describing all these situations. So, if anyone can answer this question, from their experiense, maybe, I'd be grateful.

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Questions on Stack Overflow need to be directly about programming, not just issues of relevance to programmers (though some of those are appropriate on Programmers, but not all). I'm sorry that you haven't been able to find an answer, but this isn't the right place to look, so I'm voting to close as off-topic. – Jeremy Banks Nov 10 '11 at 9:52

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