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Is it possible to open a view (snapshot or dynamic, maybe readonly) on any given baseline (recommended or older) in a stream (integration, development or child) for performing some tasks and then remove the view when done? How?

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What I need here is to be able to build a relsease from any given baseline, without changing anything inside the source control. – Raihan Sep 23 '11 at 22:11
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To open a view to a given baseline, you actually need a view associated to a stream with said baseline as a foundation baseline.

That means you need to rebase that stream first, which is:

  • not always desirable (since you would need to merge said baseline with current content, and that doesn't always make sense)
  • not always possible (you can only rebase a sub-stream with baselines coming from its immediate parent).

What is possible is to:

  • get the stream on which your baseline has been put
  • make a sub-stream from that stream, taking said baseline as the foundatio one
  • create a snapshot or dynamic view on it
  • do your work
  • put a new baseline, and deliver it to its parent stream
  • obsolete that sub-stream (and you can delete your view if you want)

Note: you could create a base ClearCase dynamic view (ie non-UCM) with a config spec you could then change as you want, but that wouldn't allow you to checkout and modify any file.
That would only be a convenient way to visualize any baseline of your choice.

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Thanks VonC. Your answers were very helpful. – Raihan Sep 23 '11 at 22:06

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