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I'm trying to understand Quartz and getting the context you have to draw on. If I have a function where I create a context, but then I call another function to some other drawing to the same context, do I need to pass the context from the first method to the next? Or can I just use UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext() for any CG methods that require a context since I'm still drawing into the same context?

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The docs for UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext() say:

The current graphics context is nil by default. Prior to calling its drawRect: method, view objects push a valid context onto the stack, making it current. If you are not using a UIView object to do your drawing, however, you must push a valid context onto the stack manually using the UIGraphicsPushContext function.

So after calling UIGraphicsPushContext() with the context you've created, your other methods can access that context with UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext(). If you're calling UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext() outside of drawRect: and haven't set a context explicitly with UIGraphicsPushContext(), the current graphics context is undefined—and certainly not safe to use.

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