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I have a site running some javascript. In IE8 only, the $(document).scroll is not firing when you scroll with or without the mousewheel. Code snippet below:

$(document).scroll(function () {
        //do something on scroll

Is there a specific reason this function won't fire in IE8? I have searched online with no success.

Thanks for all advice and tips in advance!!!!!

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Another day, another IE-related issue to work around –  Chris S Jan 3 at 13:46

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Try using window:

  $(window).scroll(function () {
    //do something on scroll
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That worked! Thank you Neal!!! –  MTsrb Sep 23 '11 at 20:17
@MTsrb no problem ^_^ remember to mark an answer as accepted when u can ^_^ –  Neal Sep 25 '11 at 4:51

For a lot of areas, IE ties the event to window rather than document as other browsers will. $(window).scroll(function(e) {}); is what you're after here. Should generally also work in most other browsers too, but if not, use a check on the navigator to find IE and use window or document based on that Boolean.

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