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Is there a showcase (demo) application with all Tkinter and Tix features and widgets?

For example, wxPython download includes a "wxPython Demo" application which not only demonstrates the widgets, but also provides the source code and some comments on it, which I loved.

But now I have to stick to Tkinter and Tix only, and as of those - there is some real good documentation, even with patterns explained, but there is no a showcase I could found, so I basically have to copy-paste lots of code from docs to my sample app to understand what it looks like in real.

Thanks un advance for any hints!

P.S. Tix is really wanted, not only Tkinter...

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something like that here: tkinter.unpythonic.net/wiki/A_tour_of_Tkinter_widgets –  noob oddy Sep 23 '11 at 23:29
Yep! This is pretty much what I meant indeed. Thank you. Would be nice if there is some "widget tour" for Tix as well. –  Timur Sep 24 '11 at 7:08

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