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I'm working on upgrading from attachment_fu to carrierwave, since attachment_fu is broken in rails 3.

None of the tests are able to run, because we have invalid fixtures that were using the syntax from attachment_fu for attachment files.

For example, we have a Post model that has one PostAttachment. Here's what the data in the PostAttachment fixture looks like:

  post_id: 1
  attachment_file: <%= Rails.root>/test/files/test.png

And this is the error I'm getting:

ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid: PGError: ERROR:  column "attachment_file" of relation "post_attachments" does not exist
LINE 1: INSERT INTO "post_attachments" ("post_id", "attachment_file"...

attachment_file would have been picked up by attachment_fu, and it would have taken care of all the processing to create the attachment_fu attachment for the model.

Is there a way to have image attachments in the fixtures, but with using CarrierWave instead?

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The only way I've managed to get this to work is to use a storage provider specifically for testing that doesn't actually save/read files.

In your config/initializers/carrier_wave.rb Add a NullStorage class that implements the minimum interface for a storage provider.

# NullStorage provider for CarrierWave for use in tests.  Doesn't actually
# upload or store files but allows test to pass as if files were stored and
# the use of fixtures.
class NullStorage
  attr_reader :uploader

  def initialize(uploader)
    @uploader = uploader

  def identifier

  def store!(_file)

  def retrieve!(_identifier)

Then when initializing CarrierWave add a clause for the test environment, e.g.,

if Rails.env.test?
    config.storage NullStorage

Here is a gist of my complete carrier_wave.rb for reference. It also includes how to setup S3 for uploads in staging/production and local storage for development so you can see how to configure CarrierWave in context.

Once CarrierWave is configured you can simply put any string in the fixtures column to simulate an uploaded file.

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When I tried with a file arg in the factory, I got a ArgumentError: is not a recognized storage provider error. Converting to a string, as you suggest, makes it work! Yay! Thanks! –  brookr Feb 21 at 8:31
Well, I was hopeful, but... This is still showing as 'not a recognized storage provider' when I visit a page with a form field in my feature specs. Is there some way to register the NullStorage as a recognized provider?? –  brookr Feb 21 at 8:48

Try passing a file instead of a String.

    post_id: 1
    attachment_file: File.open(Rails.root.join("test/files/test.png"))

This works for me using FactoryGirl

Note: Edit thanks to @dkobozev

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File.open(Rails.root + "/test/files/test.png") does not work for me. File.open(Rails.root.join("test/files/test.png")) does. –  dkobozev Oct 19 '11 at 23:26
I changed it.. Thank you very much. –  e3matheus Oct 20 '11 at 2:57
On current versions of carrierwave this isn’t working for me. I’ve tried quoting/escaping/ERBing the above File.open... call. I’ve also tried using Rack::Test::UploadedFile.new(Rails.root.join("test/files/test.png")), which works when it’s passed as a parameter. –  Leo Oct 23 '13 at 12:12
This doesn't work for fixtures. If nothing else you would have to escape the Ruby code with ERB tags but even then it doesn't work. –  Gerry Aug 14 '14 at 19:13
This didn't work for me either in Rails 4.1, What I ended up doing was assigning the files to their respective attributes inside the test. Not sure what's wrong with this method, but passes... –  daveomcd Jan 15 at 16:53

To be able to use fixtures that have uploaded files as well as doing uploads in the tests, I've played around with CarrierWave for a bit lately. I've written an article about how I'd do it.

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We have just removed the fixtures all together, the system seeds this files for each test. Ask yourself... do you need al these fixtures here for this test? No probably not. And Fixtures dont BANG! so we just use Model.create!( ... ) with specific data for the test

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