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Helo.apk and Hello-signed.apk (by vs2010 monodroid)(default monodroid app from template I have lg android2.2 phone and i load by usb to my phone those files. When i run it i see "Unexpected error process Hello.apk") In emulator device application works fine Mycompilation config-debug all cpu

  1. Should i install mono to my device?
  2. Should i use another build configuration(linking sd and user assemblies)
  3. What is use shared libraries?

p.s i am using trial version of monodroid

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The trial version of monodroid does not support pushing to phones, you will have to try your sample app on an emulator.


Yes the emulator is pretty bad, I feel your pain - it's too the point where the trial version is almost useless. This is not monodroid's problem to solve though, even if it paints their product in a very bad picture. Developing and debugging on the phone with monodroid works actually much better.

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it is realy bad((( –  John Sep 23 '11 at 21:23

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