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I have a table in my HTML that is defined like the following

    <td><img src='corner1.png' /></td>
    <td>First Name <a href='#'>edit</a></td>
    <td><img src='corner2.png' /></td>

I want the edit link to be right-aligned within the cell. But I want "First Name" to be left-aligned. Currently, everything is left-aligned. How can I make the link right-aligned?

Thank you!

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since you're already using a table, why don't you put 'First Name' and 'edit' in separate tds – Marian Theisen Sep 23 '11 at 21:13

<td><a href='#' class="floatRight">edit</a> First Name</td>

Entry in CSS file .floatRight {float:right;}

Moved edit before First Name else some browsers will show it in new line and not in-line with First Name.

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Set a float on the <a> element:

table tr td a {
    float: right

This will push the <a> to the right of the cell. The selector is a bit too specific - at minimum it could be table a.

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You can try the following CSS:

td a {
    float: right;
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