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If I access my web site via http://localhost:8080 from the same Win 7 PC, where server is running, then it works well.

If I try to access that from another PC (with usage of my internal PC's ip, then it doesn't work. Moreover, it is not accessible with this ip even on the same machine. What am I doing wrong?

(I've tried to disable firewall on my Win 7 PC - it didn't help)

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Having changed to, what do I set LOCAL_APP_ENGINE_SERVER_URL to? in android I mean –  learner Feb 22 at 2:02

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First check whether your server listens on loopback or on all interfaces - in command line type in netstat -an find a line with port 8080 and state LISTENING, something like this:

  TCP               LISTENING

If IP is it means it listens on all IP addresses and the problem is with something else blocking it.

If IP is then you need to bind to address. And now the fun beings - according to documentation, you should add --address= or --host= to arguments in run configuration (depends on GAE version - thank you @momijigari). But in my case I have also GWT and parameters go to GWT and it does not accept this argument. But on the other hand listens on all interfaces, which I personally was trying to change to localhost. The GWT has -bindAddress parameter though, but it sets only address for code server (one with 9997 port by default), not HTTP.

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Thanks, usage of --address= helped. –  LA_ Sep 24 '11 at 6:41
Note that newer versions of app engine dev server use --host instead of --address –  xorgate Mar 24 '13 at 17:30
i get an error when trying this "dev_appserver.py: error: unrecognized arguments: --address= 2014-01-17 20:42:57 (Process exited with code 2)" –  momijigari Jan 17 at 16:43
Ok I found a solution, Will write below –  momijigari Jan 17 at 16:46
I'm on gae version 1.8.9 and --address= did the trick –  AlikElzin-kilaka Feb 11 at 16:14

Little update. Since version 1.8.7 you have to set a param "--host" instead of "--address"

So just add --host=

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At version 1.8.9 the Command-Line Arguments doc says "--address". –  Martin Berends Feb 22 at 6:59
Works for me on 1.9.6 –  Greg Miernicki Jul 8 at 19:41

For Google App Engine 1.8.9 (Java only), adding -a for all interfaces, worked for me.

-a --port=8888 "/home/dude/workspace-java/me.dude.thermo-AppEngine/war"
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This renders: dev_appserver.py: error: unrecognized arguments: -a –  Josh Apr 3 at 15:52
My answer was for Java only. Answer updated. Thanks. –  Rori Stumpf Apr 5 at 0:03

If you are running devserver through maven add


under your


section in your appengine-maven-plugin.

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I'm using Eclipse. I've trying to add --address=, but it doesn't worked for me. Then I've removed '--port=8888' entity from the command line arguments => server runs on default port 8080 and only then team members could connect to my machine via my IP address.

Finally, try to remove port entity and add --address= entity as it was described in early posts

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Eclipse users can do the following in the GUI to implement the Command-Line Arguments:

Right click on project name -> Debug As (or Run As) -> Configurations... -> Arguments

In the Program arguments area replace



--port=8888 --host=


--port=8888 --address=

depending on the AppEngine SDK version, then also check port availability and software firewall settings.

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