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I am trying to write a sql statement to retrieve all the messages with user_id_user = '3' and status = '2' but I get repeated records I dont know why, I am stuck with it

My tables  are this 

    id_message   title   content      date   user_id_user status

    id_user   name  

    message_id_message   user_id_user   

my mysql query but I get repeated records I dont know why, I am reading tutorial also any help really appreciated

message ,
INNER JOIN user ON message_has_usuario.user_id_user = '3'
message.status = '2'
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You're getting a Cartesian product because you're not joining all your tables accurately. You're joining USER and MESSGAE_HAS_USERIO but you're not doing any joins on MESSAGE

Quick Example _ I assume those relationships are correct.

FROM Message M
INNER JOIN Message_Has_User MAU on M.MessageID = MAU.MessageID
INNER JOIN User U ON MAU.UserID = U.UserID AND U.UserID = M.User_Id_User
WHERE MAU.userID = '3'
AND M.Status = '2'

I neither endorse or will admit that I used a Select *. Darn it all to heck that I even wrote it. /hides

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thanks I need to check that any other advise? –  koyuki Sep 23 '11 at 21:46
I dont know why but It just returns two records? –  koyuki Sep 23 '11 at 22:15

Try this:

FROM message 
JOIN message_has_usuario
    on message_has_usuario.message_has_usuario = message.message_has_usuario
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thanks for answering I am checking the sintax all the stuff –  koyuki Sep 23 '11 at 22:10
select message.*
from message, user
where user.id = 3
and user.id = message.user_id_user
and message.status = 2

Your not using INNER JOIN correctly. This should work for you!! Also what is the point of the message_has_user table? I looks redundant in this case since you can store the user_id directly on the message table. A user can have many messages, ie. One-To-Many.

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thanks for answering I am checking –  koyuki Sep 23 '11 at 22:11

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