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I need help with an issue that i have. I want to read a binary file.

The content of the file are: 0000000010001100

I'm using the following code to reach my goal:

InputStream is = new FileInputStream(new File("/test.bin"));
DataInputStream din = new DataInputStream(is);
System.out.println(din.readByte() & 0xFF);

I was expecting that the output was 0, because an unsigned byte of eight zeros is 0. But the code prints 48.

Can someone tell me what i am doing wrong and explain me how can i have an output of 48 ?

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Look at your file in a hex editor. – James Sep 23 '11 at 23:44
Isn't that just a text file with the characters 0000000010001100? Do you see them as such when you open it in notepad and like? If yes, then it's definitely a text file, not a binary file :) – BalusC Sep 23 '11 at 23:49
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Are you sure you didn't inadvertenly save a '0' as the first character in the file? The ASCII for the text character '0' is 48.

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