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Let’s say you have the following mongoid documents:

class User
    include Mongoid::Document
    embeds_one :name

class UserName
    include Mongoid::Document
    field :first
    field :last_initial

    embedded_in :user

How do you create a factory girl factory which initializes the embedded first name and last initial? Also how would you do it with an embeds_many relationship?

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I was also looking for this one and as I was researching I've stumbled on a lot of code and did pieced them all together (I wish there were better documents though) but here's my part of the code. Address is a 1..1 relationship and Phones is a 1..n relationship to events.

  factory :event do
    title     'Example Event'

    address  { FactoryGirl.build(:address) }
    phones    { [FactoryGirl.build(:phone1), FactoryGirl.build(:phone2)] }

  factory :address do
    place     'foobar tower'
    street    'foobar st.'
    city      'foobar city'

  factory :phone1, :class => :phone do
    code      '432'
    number    '1234567890'

  factory :phone2, :class => :phone do
    code      '432'
    number    '0987654321'

(And sorry if I can't provide my links, they were kinda messed up)

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Thanks for this. I just wasted hours tracking down this problem. –  Tyler Gannon Apr 28 '13 at 1:28
Note that the phones attribute is an array (the FactoryGirl calls are surrounded by []). You do not need more than one :phone but it has to be an array if the relation is an embeds_many. That detail cost me about 4 hours! –  SteveO7 Jul 31 '13 at 18:11

Here is a solution that allows you to dynamically define the number of embedded objects:

FactoryGirl.define do
  factory :profile do
    name 'John Doe'
    email 'john@bigcorp.com'

    factory :profile_with_notes do
      ignore do
        notes_count 2

      after(:build) do |profile, evaluator|
        evaluator.notes_count.times do

This allows you to call FactoryGirl.create(:profile_with_notes) and get two embedded notes, or call FactoryGirl.create(:profile_with_notes, notes_count: 5) and get five embedded notes.

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