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What are the best resources for a C#/.NET 2.0 developer for learning .NET 3.5? I'm struggling to learn ASP.NET MVC and I feel that a lot of my stumbling blocks have to do with not ever having explicitly studied 3.5.

Note: I know there are already these questions, but they both seem to focus on ASP.NET

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You could try browsing MSDN from What's New in the .NET Framework Version 3.5.

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MVC has really changed the game on how everything works if you come from traditional ASP.NET Web Forms. I would recommend the following books:

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Those all look like good books. Sadly, as of today (4-16-09) none of them have been released. –  Dinah Apr 16 '09 at 14:37

I highly recommend reading "C# in Depth" by Jon Skeet. While it's focus isn't specifically the .NET framework, it gives a great overview of the changes of the C# language over time and introduces all of the new stuff in C# 3 (which overlap the .NET framework 3.5).

NOTE: Nothing specific to ASP.NET here, but again, it gives you the foundation.

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alt text

Free PDF: Free ASP.NET MVC eBook Tutorial

From the author:

I wrote the first chapter of the book – which is a 185 page end-to-end tutorial that walks-through building a small, but complete, ASP.NET MVC application from scratch. The agreement I made with Wrox was that I’d write it for free in return for them also making it available as a free PDF download.

Should get you started at least

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Interesting that you mention it - this chapter is actually exactly what I'm doing. I'm 1/2 way through now. I'm finding though that 2.0 experience isn't enough. I'm just copying a lot of the 3.5 code without fully understanding it. –  Dinah Apr 16 '09 at 14:34

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