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I want to process a template with a google plusone button in it through phpQuery and I run into the following problem:

require_once( "phpQuery.php" );
$p = phpQuery( "<g:plusone></g:plusone>" );
echo $p->html();

the expected output would be:


But instead the output of this is:


Which doesn't match up with what google is expecting, so the button doesn't work anymore. How can I stop phpQuery from changing (fixing?) my code, or how can I work around this problem without changing the string from plusone to g:plusone once the processing is done (too nasty workaround, plus: I run into more of these 'translation'-problems in phpQuery.

Help is much appreciated!


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I had the same problem while including a google+ badge. I could force the code generator from google to generate code with a div container. I just had to tick the "html5 valid code" checkbox.

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I've been looking all over for solutions for this problem, to no avail. I found a horrible workaround. I'm sure this is NOT the most elegant way to do this, but at least it fixes the problem.

Instead of the tags:




Then simply str_replace the result before you're outputting:

echo str_replace("__0058__",":",$doc->html()); 

Basically in a tag where you would normally put a colon (:) you put 0058 instead. Please don't downvote, it's a very non-elegant solution, I realise that, but at least it's a workaround to this old problem.

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