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I'm having a bit of trouble with django's DateField model field. Shouldn't it be able to accept fiveDaysLater as a valid date object? When I try to add fiveDaysLater into the database, I get an error saying cannot add null value to date. However, the second I change the date field to a regular CharField, the fiveDaysLater value is added to the database with no problem. fyi if I print fiveDaysLater, I get 2011-09-28

My view:

def myView():
    now =
    fiveDaysLater = now + datetime.timedelta(days=5)
    newDate = Speech(date = fiveDaysLater)

My model

class Speech(models.Model):
    date = models.DateField()
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Your code works fine for me, barring the typo in the view definition (missing parens). What database and version of django? Perhaps you've left something important out in simplifying your code to share? – Leopd Sep 24 '11 at 5:15
is your error coming from fiveDaysLater = now + datetime.timedelta(days=5) or from the save()? – dm03514 Sep 24 '11 at 5:16
I'm using sqlite with django version 1.3. The error is coming from because fiveDaysLater = now + datetime.timedelta(days=5) prints 2011-09-28. – user637965 Sep 24 '11 at 16:02

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"However, the second I change the date field to a regular CharField..." Just a suspicion but if you made this change in your code, make sure to delete and recreated the Speech table using syncdb, otherwise, sqlite will not be aware of this change. (or you could change the datatype using sqlite exporer for firefox or something like that...)

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