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can you please have a look at these codes and let me know why mysql query doesn't work?

in a php file I add a check box to my page with following code

echo "<input type=checkbox name=box[] onClick=\"deleteLink('$ClickedWord','$rLinks');\"'>";

then in another php file "deleteLink" function exists and its code is:

function deleteLink($clword,$DltLinks)

      session_start(); // start up your PHP session!
      $u= $_SESSION['Unit'];
      $f= $_SESSION['file'];
      mysql_query("DELETE FROM links WHERE ((Unit_Code='$u') && (File_Name='$f')&& (Word='$clword')&& (Link_Add='$DltLinks'))") or die(mysql_error());

I am sure that this file executes but doesn't delete the record. I did some tests to find the problem but no result!!!

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Run mysql_error() after mysql_query() and see what it says. That, and tell us what tests you did. –  ceejayoz Sep 24 '11 at 2:17
Do you have some corresponding javascript to call the php function? –  rwilliams Sep 24 '11 at 2:19
You could first google a php Tutorial and see how it works, you have wrong conception of php and javascript. Some basic knowledge will do help. –  xdazz Sep 24 '11 at 2:23
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I think you're missing something here. I'm pretty sure you can't directly call a php function with an onClick handler. You'd have to write a javascript function that creates and AJAX request to pass the values to the php page with the function.

I think the reason that you think it's being called is that you're actually calling it as you're creating the page.

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