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we develop two sites in drupal both sites have different urls and different drupal instance but some pages in the both site have common.

If we edit one page (common) in the both site.we need to login to both sites and edit them.instead of doing like this if edit one site its automatically reflect in particular page in second site.is there any module to provide such functionality or interconnecting two sites.Kindly any one share me how to handle this.

Note :

This sites developed in drupal 6.x


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The Domain Access Module does exactly that

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Thanks clive for suggesting module which exactly meet my requirement –  user512213 Nov 13 '11 at 16:41

You can also achieve single sign on by sharing common tables related to user information and same $cookie_domain in the settings.php

Something like following in settings.php:

$db_prefix = array(
  'default'   => '',   
  'users'     => 'example_shared_db.',
  'sessions'  => 'example_shared_db.',
  'role'      => 'example_shared_db.',
  'users_roles'      => 'example_shared_db.',
  'profile_fields' => 'example_shared_db.',
  'profile_values' => 'example_shared_db.',

$cookie_domain = 'example.com';

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You have two options 1. Domain Access module - http://drupal.org/project/domain - This module provide very useful set of feature which will allow you to get your multi-site setup done in lesser time. It has very friendly dashboard to manage your sites. 2. Folder based structure - you may refer any URL


Please let me know in case you looking forward to implement any specific requirements.

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