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I know that search engines don't like iframes. What if I add a simple jquery code which appends an iframe after 3-4 seconds.

                $(this).oneTime(4000, function() {
                    $("body").append(\'<iframe src="URL" style="display:none" ></iframe>\');

Bots won't actually see an iframe in HTML. Do the crawlers check how js works on the site? Is this kind of iframe bad for seo?

I want to add that facebook comments and likebox boxes and Google +1 button works this way. And the crawlers do not crawls what's inside iframe.

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First of all, your question belongs on Pro Webmasters.

For SEO, it is perfectly fine to have your iframe shown when the page loads. Bots won't crawl the iframe and you wont be punished for having a single iframe. So, go ahead and add it directly to the DOM.

Another option is to load the content using AJAX.

You should also think about your users. Is it really an important function if it pops up after 4 seconds?

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Yet another option is to sniff on the user agent and avoid generating the iframe if it's a crawler. Not sure if optimizing the site for the crawler is a good idea but it might be worth investigating.

You can find examples of what to check for in the wikipedia article. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_crawler#Examples

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it will go through a few redirection. I have one site with 25K unique visitor/day and one new. My main goal is to add the iframe to 25K-visitor site to make the new one's stats look better. –  Bahadır Birsöz Sep 24 '11 at 7:30
@Grumsh - It will generate clocking issue. So do not use any trick against search engine crawler. SE crawler will not crawl iframe data so you can do add your stuff. You can use AJAX technology for this kind of works. –  user963398 Sep 25 '11 at 9:10

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