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I registered my app to associate some filetypes. so when the file comes in the mail attachment, I use my app to open the file. My app will automatically create a "Inbox" folder inside my Documents folder, and save the file in "Inbox". This Inbox is special, because it prevents me to create a folder or move a file into it by program.

Question comes to me is:

  1. What is the special for the "Inbox"? Can I change some setting, and it will allow me to create a subfolder inside?

  2. What is normal solution for this?



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Inbox is just a link to your email stuff. You should copy the files from there to your documents directory withNSFileManager.

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Inbox is incoming files sent via URL schemes and UIDocumentInteractionController file open calls. – Anthony Glyadchenko Sep 7 '14 at 11:20

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