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How can I achieve with a php array, to have as result in an html table the following result

Server1          db_1

Server1          db_2

Server1          db_3

Server2          db_1

Server2          db_2

Server3          db_3
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What have you tried? –  Jaanus Sep 24 '11 at 9:43
I started as it follows $servers = array(Server1=>array('db_1','db_2','db_3'),Server2=>array('db_1','db_2','db_3'), ); but I don't know how to loop to have the desired result –  lgt Sep 24 '11 at 9:49

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Like this?

$servers = array(
    'Server 1' => array(
    'Server 2' => array(
    'Server 3' => array(
echo '<table>';
foreach($servers as $server=>$dbs)
    foreach($dbs as $db)
        echo '<tr><td>'.$server.'</td><td>'.$db.'</td></tr>';
echo '</table>';
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