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I'm using cancan in my rails 3 application with mysql DB.

When i create a rule based on an enum column i always get AccessDenied only for "show" action. Any idea why? I use enumerated_attribute to enforce enums in the models and an actual ENUM type column in the database.

Example: I have a Post that has an enum field privacy with ['PUBLIC','PRIVATE','LOCAL']. I always get AccessDenied when i use this rule:

can :read, Post, :privacy => 'PUBLIC'

Every other rule works perfectly. The above rule also works great on "index" action.


My ability.rb:

class Ability
  include CanCan::Ability

  def initialize(user)
    can :read, Post, :privacy => 'PUBLIC'
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Can we see your ability.rb ? –  emrahbasman Sep 24 '11 at 10:37
sure.just updated my post. –  refaelos Sep 24 '11 at 10:52

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The question was answered here: https://github.com/ryanb/cancan/issues/479

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