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I have a computational backend made in Python Scipy and the frontend and admin section will be made in Sproutcore. What do i need to make the sproutcore run the python engine.

I think i need a python framework that sits between sproutcore and scipy. This framework's only job will be to facilitate communication.

Other option is to use sproutcore on the server as well and a way for it to call the python scipy scripts, if that is even possible

Any advice on the correct approach? Any recommendation on such a simple glue framework.

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You can use any framework you like! I happen to like something like SimpleApi atop Flask (which you can run with nginx, apache2 or any wsgi-compliant server). This basically puts an TCP/IP listener on top of whatever python code you like.

I am guessing all you want to expose is essentially run(some_well_controlled_and_obviously_not_from_the_user_code).

Some problems you might encounter:

  • where to put generated images, such that the front end can get them. This gets hairy with expiration, file sizes, etc. Beaker might help here?
  • job queuing... some computations take a while. Now what? Make the user wait? AJAX-reload? Shovel that onto Celery or Zero-MQ?

Let me know how this comes along. This is definitely needed, and I have thought about starting a similar project myself.

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