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I would to know how to detect letters, combination letters and numbers between rounded brackets. In my examples below, it must not detect the year.


Sample (test 2011)
Sample (test-2011)
Sample (test)

Do NOT detect

Sample (2011)
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Please always specify the language or tool you intend to use. Regex implementations vary, and a solution that works in one language may not work in another. – Tom Zych Sep 24 '11 at 11:10

example that would match your test-samples in JavaScript regex:

^\([a-z\- ]+[0-9]*\)$

^ matches start, and $ end
\( \) matches the brackets once
[a-z\- ]+ matches literals, blank and - once or more times
[0-9]* matches 0 to 9 zero or more times

nevertheless, you should be more specific, and look at some kind of documentation too (especially, since there are thousand info pages for regular expressions around)

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Should not know how to be more specific, crawled over the internet for a solution and didn't found one that suited me. I want to allow the year between the brackets and nothing else.. But i need the regex that reads out the forbidden ones, so can't add it to my php script. – Simmer Sep 24 '11 at 14:25

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