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I have written a WPF Application with a datalayer using Entity Framework 4 (EF4, using SQL Server, not Compact Edition). How can I ensure that everything the App needs gets installed at the customer? Is there a standard way to install EF4 with a Windows Installer?

EDIT: found an article about that problem: Using SQL Server Compact 4.0 with Desktop Private Deployment and a Setup project (MSI) (part 2). I might change some stuff (like autokey creation) and use CE

Similar question: Do I need to install SQL Server Compact Edition on all client's desktops?

maybe interisting for people doing something similar: SQLCE is a compact database that is click once deployable...

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Once your program is compiled, there is no need to 'install entity framework' on client machines. Entity framework is just a framework to aid you with using SQL while coding.

Perhaps what you're asking is how to install your application and set it up to work with the database? Then:

  1. Using an installer program, move the files over for your application and do any setup.
  2. Install sql server, and run your *.edmx.sql script that is automatically generated by your model.
  3. Connect the two by modifying your app.config file.
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I want to avoid step two on the clients machine. On my development workstation everything is installed fine, but what if I want to distribute it over the net or give it to a friend. Does he/she need to install SQL Server or is it possible to run the compiled app just with a database file and dlls? – Matthieu Petite Sep 24 '11 at 13:08
You'll want to use a .mdf (Access) file, then. It's a bit more difficult and slower, but still fine. See here:… – DanTheMan Sep 24 '11 at 20:04

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