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I have created an array in php containing a few USER_IDs. I am using mysql database having a table named USERS. Now I want to select only those rows from USERS whose user_id is matched with USER_IDs in the array.

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 $ids = join(',',$user_ids);  
 $sql = "SELECT * FROM USERS WHERE user_id IN ($ids)";

PHP/MYSQL using an array in WHERE clause

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implode() the array into an IN clause in your SQL:

$sql = "SELECT * FROM tbl WHERE USER_ID IN (" . implode(",", $user_ids) . ");";

This assumes your user ids are integers, rather than strings which must be quoted and escaped. In that case,

$sqlids = array();
foreach ($user_ids as $id) {
  // Escape and quote each id
  $sqlids[] = "'" . mysql_real_escape_string($id) . "'";
$sql = "SELECT * FROM tbl WHERE USER_ID IN (" . implode(",", $sqlids) . ");";
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The IN examples above are perhaps cleaner, but this is another approach. I have put in formatting for human readability. Note, be sure and use mysql_real_escape_string() when building the $users array if the user names are user-submitted or otherwise potentially not safe.


$users = array('jim','mary','bob');

$userids = "USER_ID = '".implode("' \n   OR USER_ID = '",$users)."'";

echo "
WHERE $userids



WHERE USER_ID = 'jim' 
   OR USER_ID = 'mary' 
   OR USER_ID = 'bob'


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