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I would like to make comments like this in Sublime Text 2:

* This is a comment *

Is there an easy way to make those automatically?

Also, where can I find good documentation about such stuff. I love Sublime, but I feel it's poorly documented!

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You could create a snippet for doing this.

Go to Tools -> New Snippet and a new file is opened. Paste this in it:


* $0 *



Save this in your Packages\User-Folder (which should be set automatically when saving). Now you can just type bigcom (as defined in the <tabTrigger> - element) and hit tab. The comment will appear and the cursor is set at the position, where $0 is set in the snippet.

Additionaly, you could add a scope - element inside the <snippet>-block, so this snippet will only work in a specific syntax scope, for example:


Unfurtonately, I don't know how you could add the *-character on both sides of the line you are writing in automatically, when you jump into a new line, so I don't know if this fits your needs. You would have to add those manually. Still I hope this helps in some way.

Edit: Found something for this in another question on stackoverflow. Have a look at this answer. When doing this, at least the * character on the beginning of the new line is added. I'll have a look if I can get it to add the character at the end of the line too.

When it comes to the documentation, I agree, there's not really a lot out there. Of course there is the official documentation: Sublime Doc and of course the forum: Sublime Forum (which is a good resource to some point, not like the poorly filled Doc). On the other hand I always recommend reading the post on net.tutsplus, which is a nice starting point.

I pretty much stumbled over the most interesting parts that come with the standard installation while browsing trough the Global Settings and Key Bindings-Files, which you can open over the Preferences - Menu

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How to make it work differently in diffent file types. like css, scss, html ect – lajlev Dec 30 '11 at 16:21
Oh man, I love you for this. – iono Jul 26 '12 at 7:32

Warning, self plug.

The DocBlockr plugin can automatically 'decorate' a comment for you. Right now it only works on inline comments, but it gets the job done. The shortcut key is Ctrl+Enter

// foo bar baz


// foo bar baz //

And it works on consecutive comments too:

// foo
// bar baz quux


// foo          //
// bar baz quux //
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+1 for the disclaimer (and the great plugin) – cantera Aug 13 '12 at 1:31
this plugin now supports JsDoc block comments btw – bendman Jan 2 '14 at 3:46

You could also try using the DocBlockr plugin

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