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I use these elements - jquery window.

I create the window and I have a website created div. This div is hidden. When I open the window the div is visible. This works correctly.

When I click on the picture(#imgChatSend) - I want to get value from input(#txtChatInput). Entry is always empty. Why? How do I solve this problem?

Thank you for your advice!

This is my code:


<div id="ChatForm" style="display:none;">

<input id="txtChatInput"name="txtChatInput" type="text" />
<img id="imgChatSend" src="images/btn-send.png" alt="Send" />



windowchat = $.window({

                            title: "Chat",
                            height: 300,
                            width: 300,
                            content: $("#ChatForm").html(),
                            minWidth: 300,
                            minHeight: 300,
                            maxWidth: 800,
                            maxHeight: 800

$('#imgChatSend').live('click', function() { 

        alert($("#txtChatInput").val());  //$("#txtChatInput").val() is ""
                return false;
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It seems the window plugin creates a clone of the content you are showing in the window, resulting in 2 inputs with the id txtChatInput.

Using $("#txtChatInput") will refer to the first element found with that specific id (id's are supposed to be unique).

A workaround would be to give your selector a context in which it will start looking for the input:

$('#imgChatSend').live('click', function() { 
   var $parent = $(this).closest("div"); // get the div the button we just clicked is in
   alert($("#txtChatInput", $parent).val()); // tell jquery to only look in this div for the element with id txtChatInput

   return false;
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Thank you! I really had a double input. The entire html code I wrote in the js. – Jenan Sep 24 '11 at 13:22

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