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I have been using a msbuild file that builds and packages my solution to 'Client' and 'Server'. So far I have been using the below cmd to build from VS cmd prompt:

   msbuild.exe MyBuildFile.proj /t:Build

(I have a target called 'Build' which will kick start build and do the rest).

Now, my team wants to queue builds in TFS build server. I read about TFSBuild.proj file. Should I once again write all the scripts in to TFSBuild.Proj or is there a way by which I can call my 'MyBuildFile.proj /t:Build' from TFSBuild.Proj.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, Mani

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Are you using TFS 2010 or 2008? – Nick Nieslanik Sep 24 '11 at 18:19

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You can just include your existing MyBuildFile.proj in a TFS 2010 build:

  1. Create a new build definition
  2. In the Process page, choose the UpgradeTemplate.xaml workflow
  3. Select the directory of your checked-in MSBuild.proj file of choice (checked-in under the name TFSBuild.proj)

There might be some subtle differences between your development system and the build server that you need to take care of, but above steps should take you 85%. Enable Diagnostic level build information verbosity (also to be set on the Process page) to troubleshoot loose ends.

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Thanks. Could you please let me know where to do Step 3. You mean somewhere in the Process - Build Process Parameters ? – Everything Matters Sep 26 '11 at 15:21
I improved the explanation for step 3. – kroonwijk Sep 26 '11 at 15:37
Thanks that helps. – Everything Matters Sep 27 '11 at 9:05

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