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A little while ago I came across a Javascript search box that had token input like that in Lions Finder or Mail, where the tokens have a category element that is auto completed as well as the query element. I have spent much of the day so far trying to find it, but I seem to have lost my bookmark and can't find it on Google. Has anyone else used this or know who created it?

Hope you can help. Thank you :)

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Found it: hope it works as well as I hoped

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I've got the same question! Visual search is great, but won't work for me. It can't handle labels/values for neither facets nor facet-values (i.e. showing one thing to the user and searching for something else). E.g. label: "userName", value: "userId" or facadeLabel: "Användare", facadeValue: "user". So if you find something else, please let me know! – sandstrom Oct 19 '11 at 13:50

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