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I am trying to create a right click shell menu item to edit desktop.ini. I have managed to get this far:


@="notepad "%L/desktop.ini"

use the cmd command to create an desktop.ini and append the following format to the desktop.ini file ,Then open it(desktop.ini) with notepad.exe

/* Format start */


/* Format  end */

// ps: i just want to creat the folder InfoTip , ,when i hover the folder,it will so 2 me.

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CMD.exe nor Windows Scripting Host has .ini support so implementing this without overwriting is a bit risky, you also need to set the correct attribute on the folder and this could be SYSTEM or READONLY depending on a registry key!

This example should work in the default windows configuration and tries its best to not overwrite a existing file:

@="cmd /C ((if not exist \"%L\\desktop.ini\" (>\"%L\\desktop.ini\" (echo.[.ShellClassInfo]&echo.InfoTip=&echo.ConfirmFileOp=0w)))&attrib +s \"%L\"&attrib +h +s \"%L\\desktop.ini\"&start notepad \"%L\\desktop.ini\")"

It is probably a better idea to write a WSH or powershell script...

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