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I have created a class named as MEMBERS. In this class I have declared an array as a member variable.

class member
public $arr_connections;
function connections($id)
    $query = mysql_query("Select * from connections where user_id = '$id'");
    while($info = mysql_fetch_array($query))
        $arr_connections[] = $info['connection_id'];


Then I have created an object of this class as follow

 $user = new member();

After this I am calling the function as


Next I am displaying the array

foreach($user->arr_connections as $mem_id)
            echo $mem_id;
            $person = new member($mem_id);
            echo "<a href = 'profile.php?id=$person->id'><img src = '$person->display_picture'/ width = 30 height = 30></a>";

This is not working. I guess my method is wrong. Some constructor was required. But I have to do this without constructor. Any suggestions?

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You're not assigning it to the class property, because you're missing $this->. Change it into this and it should work for you:

$this->arr_connections[] = $info['connection_id'];
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thanks. It is working now. – Varun Sep 24 '11 at 15:00

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