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Can any one help me in setting up Raven DB Replication? Tried a lot of ways a lot of time but no success.

Here is the story:

1) I downloaded the raven bundle. Make a copy of it. Run Raven.Server.Exe from both of the folders. Both instances run successfully on individual port. Then I created a document with name as "Raven/Replication/Destinations" and document as

{ "Destinations": [{"Url":"http://vishal-pc:8081"}], "Id": "Raven/Replication/Destinations" }

But it's not working. Please some one put some light no How can I setup replication.

One more thing I want to mention here is, I was able to run the replication by running "start raven.ps1" from samples/ Raven.Sample.Replication from bundle.Both instances are already has the Raven/Replication/Destinations" document like below (no url in destination node): { "Destinations": [], "Id": "Raven/Replication/Destinations" }

Then I updated one instance with url of another instance. After updating document was like below: { "Destinations": ["Url":"http://vishal-pc:8081"], "Id": "Raven/Replication/Destinations" }

and replication works fantastically.

I am not able to figure out what is the difference here. Why It's not able to replication When I run two instances separately and why it is working fine by running "start raven.ps1".

Please please please some one put some light here.

Note : I am using web interface to make changes in document.

Thanks Vishal

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Look in the folder of the Raven.Server.exe file you are executing. Make sure you have a subdirectory called Plugins and that it contains the replication bundle DLL.

This blog post walks you through that process pretty well.

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